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Yash Hitech Systems
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Yash Hitech Systems
Oil Burner Nozzles
Oil Pumps for Burners
Burner Controllers,
Photocells, U. V. Cells
Ignition Transformers & Accessories
Ignition Electrodes
Gas Filters & Pressure Switches
Gas Regulators & Servo Motors
Gas Valves & Multibloc Valves
Customised Gas Trains &
Gas Flow Meters
Combustion Analysers &
Leak Detectors
Safety Release &
Slam Shutoff Valves
Valve Proving Systems
Spares for Monobloc Burners
Additional Accessories
The Heart of Heating
Painting and powder coating.
Spray driers and hot air generators.
Process steam and utility boilers and start up burners.
Furnaces for glass, glazed and ceramic tiles, and annealing lehrs.
Biscuit, Bakery Food and Beverages Industry
Hotels, Hospital & laundry.
Textile Processing
Solid and liquid waste Incinerators.
Pharmaceutical Industry.
Oil, Gas & Petroleum Industry.
Gas engines.
Furnaces for melting, die casting and all types of heat treatment processes,  endo and exo gas generators, forging, etc.
Paper and Printing Industry.
Plastic Processing and Printing.
Yash Hitech Systems
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