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Oil Burner Nozzles
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Gas Flow Meters
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Leak Detectors
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Slam Shutoff Valves
Valve Proving Systems
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Additional Accessories
The Heart of Heating
Gas Filters & Pressure Switches
Giuliani Anello gas filters :- Gas filters are used to purify the gas and make it clean. These facilitate trouble free burner operation. These are available upto max operating pressure of 6 bar and are available in sizes from 1/2" to 6" in threaded / flanged versions.
Dungs gas filters :- These are available is sizes from 1/2" upto 2" in threaded versions and from 1 1/2" and above in flanged versions, with available operating pressure range of 200 mbar and 4 bar.
Dungs Pressure Switches :- These pressure switches are available both for air and gas. These are available in different models and suitable for different applications. Popular models are LGW - A2, LGW - A2P, LGW A4, GW - A6, GW- A5 series with different set pressure ranges are available. Other specific models are weather proof versions are available from Dungs range of pressure switches from the specific product program.
Oil Filters : These are small cup type oil filters used for small burners for light oil filteration just before the entry of oil to the burners. These are available different sizes from 1/4" and above with bottom plastic body / aluminium body. These filters elements are made up of SS wire mesh and it can be opened up and cleaned as required.
Yash Hitech Systems
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