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DANFOSS, Denmark
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The Heart of Heating
Siemens Burner Controllers, Photocells, U. V. Cells LOA, LMO, LME, LAL and LFL series : These are oil and gas Burner Controllers, Photocells, U. V. Cells suitable for small, medium and large capacity burners with different combinations of burner program sequences as per burner mfrs requirements. These are coming with different model nos and combinations based on paramenters and time sequences. These are compatible with different photocells and U.V. cells of Siemens.
Siemens Burner Controllers, Models LOA 24, LME 21 / 22, LAL 1.25, LAL 2.25, LFL 1.333, LFL 1.322, LFL 1.635, LFL 1.335 etc are available Ex. Stock with us in both 230V and 110V "
Siemens Servomotors :- Wide range and varieities of Siemens make servomotors are available in different series like SQN, SQM with variety of different combinations for different makes of burners and different applications and specifications.

Some popular models are kept in ready stock by us, rest can be ordered against speific request from customers.Their position can be controlled by means of mechanical cams, potentiometer, 4 - 20mA signal and CAN bus. They are vaialble in 24V DC, 110V AC, 230V AC. Popular models are SQM 10, SQM 33, SQM 40, SQM 41, SQM 44, SQM 48, SQM 55, and SQN 3, SQN 7, SQN 72, SQN 75 and SQN 9 series.
Siemens Photocells / U.V.Cells QRB 3, QRA 2 series : These photocells are compatible and can be used with respective Siemens controllers as above for different oil and gas burner applications and their requirements.

Model QRA 2 is available Ex. Stock with us.
Siemens U.V.Cell QRA 10C and QRA 10MC : These are ultra violet cells provided with electronic circuit and housing given for additional protection of the cell inside with a provision to use air for cooling purposes to enhance the life of the cell. These are of normal and high sensitivity as per requirements of the burner and the flame intensity.

Models QRA 10C and QRA 10 MC, QRA 55 etc are available Ex. Stock with us.
Siemens Photocells QRB 1 Black and Red colour : These photocells are used to detect the presence of flame in the yellow flame burner and can be used along with controller LOA 24.

Model QRB 1 is available Ex. Stock with us.
Gas solenoid valves VGD series : These are double block gas solenoid valves.
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