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DANFOSS, Denmark
SUNTEC, France
COFI, Italy
ECEE, France
DUNGS, Germany
SIEMENS, Germany
ELSTER, Germany
The Heart of Heating
Gas Meters DM/DE series from Elster / Kromschroder Germany : These are turbine wheel flow meters procured directly from Elster, Germany. Gas flow rates range are from actual flow of 10 m3/hr to 1600 m3/hr. These are available in sizes from 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6". These are available with low frequency reed contact, 7 digit mechanical roller counter and maximum allowable gas pressure upto 4 bar.

These meters are available with the option for Electronic readout, to give the instantaneous flow reading in m3/hr.

We would recommend to install the gas filters of appropriate size to be installed just ahead of this gas flow meter for protection of dirt and better life and operation. The ball valves controlling

The flow of gas to this meter should be opened or closed slowly and not with sudden jerk so as to have better operational life of the gas meter.
Gas Regulators VGBF Series : These are very precise gas pressure regulators with maximum allowable inlet pressure upto 4 bar having a standard outlet pressure spring fitted of 10-30 mbar. Other outlet pressures can be attained by using a suitable spring available for different outlet pressure ranges. There is no need of an external impulse connection from the downstream to this regulator.
Yash Hitech Systems
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